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Getting a Speeding Ticket in Pennsylvania

While traveling in Pennsylvania, you might be stopped for a speeding violation. It can cause confusion when you are dealing with a ticket from a different state than what you are familiar with. I will discuss the speeding laws and penalties for violating them in this article. Speed Limits in Pennsylvania Within Pennsylvania, there are […]

Getting a Speeding Ticket in Ohio

Oregon follows the same speeding ticket laws as most other states. The basic speeding law and absolute speed limits are the primary speeding laws the state follows. If you recently got a speeding ticket in Oregon, read on for some important information. Absolute Speed Limits and Posted Speed Limits Oregon uses something called “absolute speeding […]

Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Milford, Connecticut

Getting a speeding ticket or another traffic ticket is never fun. If you face a motor vehicle violation in Milford, Connecticut, you might not know how to proceed. Maybe you have gotten tickets in other towns. But, unless you have a ticket in Milford, Connecticut, you might not know all of the Milford procedures. Tickets […]

Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Facing a speeding ticket is never fun. Even if you have gotten speeding tickets in the past, tickets can differ based on where you get one. If you received a speeding ticket in Bridgeport, Connecticut, your court process might differ slightly than if you received one in Hartford, Connecticut. That is because each courthouse in […]

What If I Don’t Pay My Connecticut Speeding Ticket by the Due Date?

Nobody likes dealing with speeding tickets. After you get a ticket, you might be tempted to put it off or ignore it for a little while. After all, you have some time before you have to pay or figure out your next step, right? If charged with a speeding ticket, you have a few options […]

Officer Knocked Down Connecticut Ticket, Can I Still Fight It?

If you get charged with a motor vehicle violation, you could have the charges reduced. Because most driving infractions are not serious crimes, a judge or police officer might be willing to work with you to establish a fair outcome. Sometimes, the fine itself will get reduced. Other times, you will face a lesser infraction through working with […]

Getting a Speeding Ticket in Mississippi

Any time you drive, you run the risk of committing a traffic offense. This could happen when driving in Mississippi. If you get a speeding ticket in Mississippi, this information can help you figure out what to do next. Mississippi Speeding Ticket There is no set fine in the state of Mississippi for speeding. Instead, […]

Getting A Speeding Ticket In Kansas – Charges, Penalties, and More

If you are driving through the state of Kansas, you might face issues with your car. You might get a flat tire or you might get into a small accident. Or, you might get pulled over for speeding. If you face a motor vehicle violation such as speeding in Kansas, you might not be familiar with […]