Getting a Speeding Ticket in Pennsylvania

While traveling in Pennsylvania, you might be stopped for a speeding violation. It can cause confusion when you are dealing with a ticket from a different state than what you are familiar with. I will discuss the speeding laws and penalties for violating them in this article.

Speed Limits in Pennsylvania

Within Pennsylvania, there are basic speeding laws and absolute speed limits. These are the laws that officers rely on when they are looking for vehicles that might disobey those orders set in place. The absolute speeding limits in Pennsylvania include:

  • 15 mph in school zones
  • 25 mph in residential areas
  • 35 mph in urban areas
  • 65 or 70 mph on freeways
  • 55 mph on other roadways

These speeding limits are posted at each of the locations listed so the drivers know what speed to drive but if you find yourself wondering about the limit, refer to this list. This state requires all maximum speed limits to be posted so be aware of the signs as you enter different zones that might affect the speed at which is accepted.

Consequences of Speeding in Pennsylvania

The penalties for violating the speed limits vary based on how fast you were driving. Usually, the fine is around $35 in addition to $2 for each mile in excess over five miles per hour of the original speed limit. But if the limit was 65 mph, the fine is $42.50 plus $2 per mile in excess of five miles per hour over the limit.

For example, if you are driving 33 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour speed limit zone, you face a fine of $35 dollars plus $6 for the particular speed you were going (two dollars for each mile over 30 mph). But if you were driving 73 miles per hour in a 65 mph zone, your fine will be 42.50 plus $6.

These speeding violations can add points to your license as well as include fines. By receiving too many points within a year or an excessive amount in general, you can have your license suspended or even revoked.

How to Get Help

If you or someone you know is dealing with a speed violation in Pennsylvania, contact our office for additional help and information. We can help you find a Pennsylvania motor vehicle violation attorney to help your situation. A lawyer may be able to lower your fines or even have your ticket dismissed, depending on your situation. A lawyer can also help you decide if you want to plead to the ticket or fight it in court.

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