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Facing a speeding ticket is never fun. Even if you have gotten speeding tickets in the past, tickets can differ based on where you get one. If you received a speeding ticket in Bridgeport, Connecticut, your court process might differ slightly than if you received one in Hartford, Connecticut. That is because each courthouse in Connecticut is different.

If you face a speeding ticket or another traffic ticket in Bridgeport, you can pay the fine or contest the ticket. If you choose to contest the ticket, this means going to court. This article will talk more about a Bridgeport speeding ticket, getting help from a lawyer, and the Bridgeport Courthouse.

Bridgeport Courthouse

If you want to contest your speeding ticket or another traffic violation, you need to go to the Bridgeport Courthouse. This courthouse is located at 172 Golden Hill Street, Bridgeport, CT 06604.

Upon arriving at the courthouse, the first thing you probably want to do is find parking. There are a few parking garages nearby that you could take advantage of. There is a parking garage on Main Street, located behind the Holiday Inn. There is also a parking garage on the corner of Lafayette Square and Fairfield Avenue.

There are also parking lots nearby that you can park in. The one closest to the courthouse is located at the corner of Lyon Terrace and Golden Hill Street. There is another parking lot at the corner of Elm Street and Golden Hill Street.

You also have the option of parking on the street. But, street parking near the courthouse is metered parking. Make sure that you bring quarters and put enough money in the meters for your time at the courthouse.

Once you park, make your way to the courthouse. You can enter through the main doors. Before you proceed, you will have to go through security. Everyone who wants to enter the courthouse in Bridgeport, Connecticut must go through security. This is also true for all other courthouses in the state.

After you go through security, proceed to Courtroom B. This is where motor vehicle cases are heard.

The Help of a Lawyer

If you go through the court process to contest your ticket, it is a good idea to contact a lawyer for help. But, you don’t want to contact just any lawyer. First, you should find a lawyer who works with motor vehicle violations. Second, you should find a lawyer who works frequently in the Bridgeport Courthouse. Each courthouse is different, and if your lawyer has connections in the Bridgeport Courthouse, it can help you.

All of the lawyers at Mr. Speeding Ticket handle speeding ticket cases every week. We also frequent the Bridgeport Courthouse. We have relationships there that we can use to your advantage. For more information, contact my office.

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