How to Fight a Cell Phone Ticket in Connecticut

Many states are cracking down on the use of phones while driving, as this is considered a distraction for the driver. If a driver is focused on sending a text message or making a phone call, their judgement and reflexes on the road become impaired. Connecticut is one such state that considers texting while driving and other uses of a phone against the law. To learn about what is and what is not legal when it comes to cell phone use and driving in Connecticut, read on.

General Cell Phone Use

It is illegal to use a cell phone while driving in the state of Connecticut. If a cell phone is near your ear, the police can assume that you are making a call. So, you can be charged with this offense, even if you are not actually making a phone call. Handheld cell phones cannot be used while driving in the state of Connecticut; however, this does not mean that you cannot use features of a cell phone while driving. If you are over the age of 18, it is not illegal to use:

  • The speaker phone feature on your phone.
  • A wired headset.
  • A Bluetooth.
  • A voice activated car kit that allows you to make phone calls.

If you are a driver that is under the age of 18, it is illegal to use these phone alternatives while operating a motor vehicle. Much like with texting and driving laws, if you are using your phone to make an emergency call while driving, you will not be charged with a violation of driving laws.

Using a Phone as a Bus Driver

Bus drivers are held to higher standards than the average driver due to the fact that they are responsible for the well being of dozens of people. For this reason, bus drivers are prohibited from using handheld or hands-free devices while operating a bus.


Penalties for using a cell phone while driving are as follows:

  • Using a handheld cell phone while driving, first offense: $125 fine.
  • Use of a handheld cell phone while driving, second offense: $250 fine.
  • Using a handheld cell phone while driving, third or subsequent offense: $400 fine.
  • Use of cell phone by teenage driver, first offense: 30 day suspension of driver’s license, $125 fee to restore license, fines imposed by court.
  • Use of cell phone by teenage driver, second or subsequent offense: six month license suspension, or suspension until the driver turns 18 (whichever time period is longer), a $125 restoration fee, court imposed fines.

If a police officer has issued you a citation for using your cell phone while driving, don’t panic! There are defenses to this charge that might work in your situation. The first thing that you should do is write down everything that you remember from your interaction with the police. Next, you can begin gathering any personal information that the court needs at this time. The next step is contacting an attorney to assist you with your case. Contact Mr. Speeding Ticket™ today to begin establishing your defense.

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