Connecticut motor vehicles should not get operated unless they register with the commissioner. An infraction against Connecticut General Statute Section 14-12 occurs if:

  • A person registers a motor vehicle that they do not operate or own.
  • A person operates or allows the operation of a motor vehicle on the highway when it is not registered.
  • A Connecticut resident uses a motor vehicle that has marker (license) plates issued by another state. A resident has 60 days to change their car’s marker plates to Connecticut plates.
  • A person fails to renew the registration of a vehicle before it expires. A person has 30 days to renew the registration of the vehicle after it expires.


The penalty for a resident to have marker plates on their car that are not Connecticut plates is a fine of $150-$300. If a person gets caught with an expired registration for their vehicle, the penalty consists of a fine and the potential suspension of their license. In most cases, you will face a fine and the potential of having your license suspended if you are charged with driving without registration; however, there are defenses to this charge. To learn more, contact our office as soon as you can.