Failure To Maintain Lane Charge and Penalties in Connecticut

There are many types of motor vehicle violations. Some common ones are speeding and reckless driving. But here, I will discuss some other driving laws that you might not know a lot about. On this page, I will talk about following too closely and failure to maintain lane. These are two motor vehicle violations that you might not know much about. If you have been charged with one of them, you need more information about them.

Staying In Your Lane

One simple rule of the road is that when driving, you need to stay in your designated lane. If you begin drifting into another lane, a police officer might pull you over. You could also get pulled over if you try to merge into another lane without giving proper notice. You can give proper notice by using your signal sign. Of course, drivers cannot drive perfectly at all times. A momentary slip on your grip of the wheel or some other event might cause you to drift into another lane. This action likely won’t result in a failure to maintain lane charge. It is excessive weaving or drifting that might provoke a police officer to pull you over for this crime.


One penalty for this offense include a fine. Another potential penalty is having points assessed from your driver’s license. If charged with failure to maintain lane, you could face other charges too. For example, if you are racing someone else, under the influence of alcohol, or using a phone, you might face more penalties.

If you have been charged with a violation of highway driving laws, you can fight it. If charged with following too closely or failure to maintain lane, contact me. I can help you through this process. You can set up a free consultation with me to discuss your case. Contact our office today for more information.

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