Getting a Speeding Ticket in Mississippi

Any time you drive, you run the risk of committing a traffic offense. This could happen when driving in Mississippi. If you get a speeding ticket in Mississippi, this information can help you figure out what to do next.

Mississippi Speeding Ticket

There is no set fine in the state of Mississippi for speeding. Instead, the fine varies based on the county that you get charged in. In addition, assessments and court fees vary from county to county. You can refer to your individual ticket to determine what fines you are being charged with.

Your ticket will have a lot of important information on it. The ticket will say exactly what you are being charged with. In addition, it will say the fine that you have to pay. You can also learn how to pay this fine. Some common options are paying the fine in person, by mail, or online. All of these options might not be available to you. Consider your personal situation to help you decide how to proceed.

Additional Penalties

In addition to a fine, you face other penalties. The state of Mississippi adds assessments to motor vehicle violations. The assessments amount to fines. These fines are used to pay for state and county programs. They also vary based on the county that you get charged in.

Unlike in Connecticut, the state of Mississippi does not have a point system for drivers. But, if you face conviction for a violation, this information will appear on your driving record. Convictions on your driving record can increase your car insurance.

In some situations, the court may dismiss your speeding ticket charge if you participate in a defensive driving course. The court will consider your driving history and the charges that you face when determining if you are eligible for this course.  

Challenging the Charge

You have the option to plead not guilty to the ticket. This means that you are fighting the speeding ticket. This will require you to go to the court in the county where you were charged and make a case. If you want to fight the ticket, hiring a lawyer is a good idea.

For more information on a Mississippi speeding ticket, you can contact our office. We can answer your questions or put you in touch with a Mississippi traffic violation lawyer.

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