Getting A Speeding Ticket In Kansas – Charges, Penalties, and More

If you are driving through the state of Kansas, you might face issues with your car. You might get a flat tire or you might get into a small accident. Or, you might get pulled over for speeding. If you face a motor vehicle violation such as speeding in Kansas, you might not be familiar with the consequences. This is especially the case if you are not a Kansas resident. If you face a Kansas speeding ticket, this information can be helpful for you.


In Kansas, individual motor vehicle violations vary in terms of fines. But, for one violation, such as speeding, the fines remain consistent throughout the state. This means that it doesn’t matter what county you were in when you got charged with speeding. You will face the same consequences no matter what county you got charged in. But, different counties can still impact your case. If you have to appear in court, the courthouse you go to will depend on the county that you were charged in.

The information that you need regarding your charge can be found on your speeding ticket. In Kansas, the fine for speeding is $45. This probably does not seem like a serious fine. But, there are other charges involved in the violation that you have to pay if you plead to the ticket. The docket charge for this violation is $108. This is the case for all motor vehicle violations in Kansas. In total, you are looking at a fine of $153. You could face a larger fine depending on your situation. This is up to the court.

What To Plead

You can choose to plead nolo contendere to your ticket and pay the fine. Or, you can try to fight the fine. But, keep in mind that if you fight the fine, you have to appear in court. As an out-of-state resident, this could present some problems for you. You should discuss your options with a lawyer before you make any decisions. This can make sure that you make the right choice for you. To contact my office and talk to a lawyer about your situation, call 203-567-6474.

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