Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Milford, Connecticut

Getting a speeding ticket or another traffic ticket is never fun. If you face a motor vehicle violation in Milford, Connecticut, you might not know how to proceed. Maybe you have gotten tickets in other towns. But, unless you have a ticket in Milford, Connecticut, you might not know all of the Milford procedures. Tickets can vary slightly from town to town. This is because police personnel and the courthouse will differ. If you want to fight your ticket, you’ll have to go to the Milford Courthouse. You can learn more about this courthouse and how to protect yourself while there in this article.

Milford Courthouse

Going to the Milford Courthouse might seem overwhelming, but don’t worry! With these tips, going there will seem much less stressful. The Milford Courthouse is located at 14 West River Street, Milford, CT 06460. You might hear this courthouse referred to as “Geographic Area 22”. All courthouses in Connecticut are assigned a geographic area. So if you hear about GA22, it refers to the Milford Courthouse.

Once you arrive at the courthouse, you will have to find parking. You can park on the street near the courthouse. This parking is metered, so make sure that you put enough in the meter for the time that you will be in the courthouse. If you don’t want to park on the street, you can park in a nearby parking lot. There is a parking lot on Constitutional Drive, about .02 miles from the courthouse.

After you park, head to the courthouse. You can enter through the main front doors. Once inside, you will see a security checkpoint. It is standard procedure for everyone going into court to go through this checkpoint. Once you pass through the security checkpoint, it is time to find your courtroom. Your lawyer should have this information and be able to guide you to the correct room. If you need assistance, you can ask a court clerk for help.

Getting Help

If you are contesting your speeding ticket in court, it can be very helpful to hire a lawyer. You should find a lawyer who works with speeding ticket cases, since not all lawyers do. Finding a speeding ticket lawyer such as one at Mr. Speeding Ticket will ensure that you get the best lawyer for your situation. You should also make sure that your lawyer is familiar with the Milford Courthouse. One way that a lawyer can help you is by using their relationships with judges and clerks in a courthouse. If your lawyer doesn’t have these connections because they don’t work in Milford often, you won’t get the full benefit of using a lawyer.

At Mr. Speeding Ticket, we handle cases at the Milford Courthouse. We can guide you through this process and make sure that you get the best treatment. For more information, please contact our office.

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