Officer Knocked Down Connecticut Ticket, Can I Still Fight It?

If you get charged with a motor vehicle violation, you could have the charges reduced. Because most driving infractions are not serious crimes, a judge or police officer might be willing to work with you to establish a fair outcome. Sometimes, the fine itself will get reduced. Other times, you will face a lesser infraction through working with the court system or the police officer who pulls you over. No matter the case, you might be wondering what will happen if the officer knocks down your ticket. Will you have to settle for what they give you? Can you still fight the ticket? Should you still fight it?

Ticket Reduced By Judge

When you face a speeding ticket, you should consult with a motor vehicle violation lawyer. A good lawyer will be able to reduce or dismiss your ticket. Fighting a reduced speeding ticket will depend on the circumstances of your negotiations. A judge might agree to reduce your charges if you agree to plead guilty or nolo contendere to them. If this is the case, you shouldn’t try to fight the charges that you face. However, if this is not part of your negotiation agreement, you could try to fight the ticket completely. In most cases, even if the ticket gets knocked down, you can fight it.

Ticket Reduce By Police

Another scenario you might find yourself in is getting your ticket knocked down by the police officer who pulls you over. For example, if you were driving 20 miles per hour over the speed limit, this constitutes reckless driving. But, a police officer might give you a break and knock the ticket down to a regular speeding ticket when you get pulled over. If this is the case, and you fight the ticket, you might not be able to win your case.

If the police officer shows up for your case in court and remembers you, they might tell the prosecutor in your case not to give you more of a break. But, given the number of tickets that police officers give out, the likelihood that the officer will remember the circumstances of your charges is slim. The police officer might not show up to your trial at all. In this case the chances of you winning your case might improve.

There is no harm in trying to fight your speeding ticket, even if it has been knocked down. To properly defend yourself, you should contact our office.

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