Category: Motor Vehicle Violation Penalties

Three Ways a Motor Vehicle Ticket Can Affect You

Besides the hassle of court dates and fines, there are three ways that a traffic violation may affect you. Your driver’s license, your driving history, and your car insurance can all be impacted by impacted by a motor vehicle violation. If you decide to simply pay the fine on your traffic ticket, it is likely […]

Drug Tickets, Driver’s License Suspension, and How To Stop Them

If you are under the age of 21 and you get a marijuana possession ticket or possession of alcohol by a minor ticket, there will be several consequences. One of those consequences that you might not expect is a suspension of your driver’s license. Having your license suspended can make everything in life more difficult. […]

What If I Don’t Pay My Connecticut Speeding Ticket by the Due Date?

Nobody likes dealing with speeding tickets. After you get a ticket, you might be tempted to put it off or ignore it for a little while. After all, you have some time before you have to pay or figure out your next step, right? If charged with a speeding ticket, you have a few options […]

Officer Knocked Down Connecticut Ticket, Can I Still Fight It?

If you get charged with a motor vehicle violation, you could have the charges reduced. Because most driving infractions are not serious crimes, a judge or police officer might be willing to work with you to establish a fair outcome. Sometimes, the fine itself will get reduced. Other times, you will face a lesser infraction through working with […]

What is the Connecticut Accelerated Pretrial Rehabilitation Program?

Most motor vehicle violations carry minor penalties. In most cases, you’re looking at a fine and points getting taken from your driver’s license. You also face a short suspension of your driver’s license. While these types of penalties are inconvenient, they are not always serious. But, some motor vehicle violations carry a jail sentence as a potential punishment. […]