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mary grimes
mary G.
As a tourist to the east coast for most of my life, I thought I'd bring family with me to see my favorite sights along the Atlantic. We traveled 1000s of miles through small towns. In one of the boroughs, heading to the main street for shopping and eating, we were greeted with a speed gun pointed right at us while we went over the hill into town. Really? We were detained for over 30 minutes. I apologized to my family for the delay, and drove out of that borough immediately. I took a chance on contacting Mr. Speeding Ticket for help, as my full time business is RIDE SHARE, and I didn't want any points on my record. I gladly paid the fee, and handed over the violation to a trusted lawyer. A few months later, I received an email that my ticket was dismissed. WHAT A RELIEF!  Thank you Ashley T, Jerald, and Ashley B! I am grateful for your efforts to keep my driving record clean!
Reese B
Reese B
Extremely easy to contact and communicate with. Were clear with outlining what happens and how they can help. They do not guarantee results but are able to tell you what you can expect. Can call, text or email. Very responsive.
Jose Kuilan
Jose K.
The process was relatively simple, and Mr. Speeding Ticket took care of the many unknown variables when it comes to resolving a speeding ticket.My only complaint was that I went in thinking that the total I paid Mr. Speeding Ticket would be a little bit less than the infraction I received. In reality, my total was more than my speeding fine. Just be sure to educate yourself on the full price and terms before you commit! This is a very small complaint, and more my fault than anything for not doing through research.Otherwise, they provided a great experience!
Jay fuda
Jay F.
I highly recommend mr. Speeding ticket. They are very professional and they kept me up to date every step of the way and they went to court for me and did a excellent job. Glad I found them. Saved me a lot of time
gary burrofato
gary B.
It was a pleasure to work with these wonderful people. They actually do a terrific job working for you, and keeping you in the loop. I truly recommend them if needed, and they beat my case. Thanks again for your service and loyalty to keeping your word.
Roxanne B
Roxanne B
Money well spent. They were very helpful and ultimately got my citation reduced to a non moving violation. I am very happy with the service they’ve provided. I have already recommended 3 people to them. Hopefully I will never need their services again, but should I need representation I would not hesitate to call them again. Very pleased. Thank you to the attorneys and paralegals who helped with my case.
Rox B
Rox B
Money well spent. They were very helpful and ultimately got my citation reduced to a non moving violation. I am very happy with the service they’ve provided. I have already recommended 3 people to them. Hopefully I will never need their services again, but should I need representation I would not hesitate to call them again. Very pleased. Thank you to the attorneys and paralegals who helped with my case.
Aaron Birnbaum
Aaron B.
amazing lawyers. Helped fight my traffic offenses to just a $75 donation. All for a very fair price, way cheaper than anyone else i called.
Rebecca C
Rebecca C
Overall the experience was good. The only complaint is to have a particular person of contact. I realize when dealing with high volume cases, the process includes many hands but to have a point of contact to check status would be great. I would highly recommend this law firm to handle your traffic matter.
Jeremy Arotsky
Jeremy A.
Mr. Speeding Ticket was amazing from start to finish, they have a simple initial contact form where you can upload a picture of your ticket so they already see it, and they promptly called right after I did so to go over the details. The fee was very reasonable, and they took care of everything including going to traffic court and got it knocked all the way down to a simple parking ticket. Fantastic service all around!
Brooke Adams
Brooke A.
I got a ticket in CT while there for my Father's homegoing service. My sister was giving me directions from her phone. There were so many cop cars ahead that I didn't understand where she said to turn so I grabbed the phone to see and that's when I got pulled over. There aren't any "hands-free state" signs posted anywhere, how was I supposed to know? I called several lawyers before finding Mr. Speeding Ticket and they've taken charge from the very beginning. I can't be there in CT because I live in GA. They've handled everything and for a super low rate. I was mailed a thank you letter with a pouch so that I can store my registration and insurance. I receive email and phone call updates on a regular basis. I've really gotten more than I bargained for. I wouldn't wish a ticket on anyone but I would definitely recommend Mr. Speeding Ticket to everyone in need!!
Cynthia Sepulveda
Cynthia S.
Love them. Got my speeding ticket COMPLETELY DISMISSED. Thanks for everything!
Ashley Jannell Trimarki
Ashley Jannell T.
Mr. Speeding Ticket is prompt and attentive. They have reasonable fees and most of the time you don’t even have to appear in court and your ticket is usually dismissed. I highly recommend for fighting your traffic ticket!
Logan Irmscher
Logan I.
They were very prompt and courteous. Always quick to respond and took time to explain the process/answer questions when needed.
jonny mcalister
jonny M.
Great people also care about everyone’s cases no matter how small.
Michele Esteves DeBille
Michele Esteves D.
Wow! An interesting concept! Thank you for helping me! Appreciate all the kindness!
Rob Beecher
Rob B.
Attorney Ashley Trimarki of Ruane Attorneys/Mr. Speeding Ticket was friendly, courteous and professional in handling my case. She was able to gain a positive outcome with regards to my court appearance and for that I am thankful!
James Verry
James V.
From the very first call I felt they were on my side and evened the playing field. They won my case and my total confidence. Thank you so much.
Jeffrey Hahn
Jeffrey H.
Mr. Speeding ticket was professional and effective in helping me with my moving violation. They handled everything. I let them handle my ticket and they got my case dismissed. I recommend them highly! Worth every penny.
Nicole D'Andrea
Nicole D.
Very helpful legal office! They were affordable and were able to help us with a company ticket that needed handled out of state. They were professional, followed up, and were very communicative. Would highly recommend.
Maxwell Mahan
Maxwell M.
I am in the process of fighting a speeding ticket and Ashley has been very knowledgeable and responsive thus far.
Cherylynn Folston
Cherylynn F.
Mr speeding ticket is amazing. I got a ticket for utilizing my cellphone. . called up Mr. Speeding ticket, paid a reasonable price for a lawyer and they were able to get my ticket thrown out in exchange for a small charitable donation. I didn't even have to appear in court. I highly recommend them. Thanks again!
Jeff Stokvis
Jeff S.
Great firm, very responsive, positive result. Took a year to get my court date, which amazed me, but they stayed right on top of it! Highly recommend!
Michael Sussman
Michael S.
Quick, easy and taken care of. What more could I want. Highly recommend if you receive a ticket and need assistance.
Daniel McGuire
Daniel M.
Friendly, responsive customer service. My ticket was taken care of quickly and I did not have to appear in court. Very impressed....highly recommended!!
Michaela Davis
Michaela D.
They made handling my speeding ticket very simple. Mr. Speeding Ticket made it easy and always kept me in the loop on how my case was going. Joe was always nice and very accommodating over the phone. If I ever get another, I know who I'll be calling!
nandy millien
nandy M.
My wife and I ,had a great experience with Mr Speeding ticket.Our cases were handled amazingly well. My wife’s situation was associated with a car accident,she was worried about her outcome.however both of us were able to be free from charges.i only had to pay a tiny fee less than my ticket price.These people are professional,respectful and reliable,we didn’t have to go to court,everything was handling via phone and email,directing us step by step. Special thank you to Ashley,she is very patient and helpful, and the lawyer who represented me in court.with your help my driving records maintained clear like water.
Andrew Kanter
Andrew K.
I hired Ruane attorneys to fight a over weight truck ticket we received from a weigh station in Connecticut.. I provided the data they needed to overturn the ticket, they were very professional and achieved the desired results
Sheila D
Sheila D
Great lawyer. Excellent service. Don't even have to worry about being at the hearing. If I ever get a ticket again, Mr. Speeding Ticket will be my lawyer
Beth Marino
Beth M.
Absolutely the best money I could spend and no loss of personal time and a great outcome. Should I ever get a ticket again, there is no question Mr. Speeding Ticket will be the firm I will use to represent me. That is why I gave them a 5 star perfect review.
Bonnie Malone
Bonnie M.
Mr Speeding Ticket Lawyers are literally the best in the biz. U can email your ticket and DONE! Easy as that.I don't have time nor want to deal with going to the court.. I give them 6 stars!!!
brian donohue
brian D.
The avoidance of higher premiums to your car insurance policy is worth the hiring Mr. Speeding ticket. My ticket offense was questionable, the fine was outrageous, and the points would have put my car insurance policy in a high risk pool or cancelled. The process was easy, the paralegal and lawyers were understanding and laid out all my options. I did not have to miss work going to court and they were able to get my ticket dismissed all for a nominal fee. Two years later I had to use the firm again and same experience. I tell everyone I know about this firm!
Mileysa Ponce
Mileysa P.
Worth every penny! Everyone I interacted with was friendly and helpful including Paralegal Ashley Trimarki and Attorney Ed Rowley. My case was handled efficiently and professionally over the phone and via e-mail. They appeared in court on my behalf and got all charges dropped in exchange for a charitable contribution of $50. Couldn't be happier with my experience!
Michael Carrigy
Michael C.
I had an excellent experience working with Ashley! They made the process of keeping my record clean super easy!!! I just had to make a charitable donation! I didn’t even have to appear in court!!! They took care of everything!Life’s obstacles made easy!
Michael Szewczyk
Michael S.
They were great at handling my speeding ticket. There fee was more than fair and it kept me from having to take a day off work to sit in court all day. They were able to successfully get me ticket thrown out which was icing on the cake. Highly recommend them.
Jessica Krusemark
Jessica K.
Incredible communication the entire time. The attorney was able to help me out for such a reasonable fee. I would highly recommend
Frank Heneghan
Frank H.
No brainer. Another great business concept by Jay Ruane and co. Thanks for handling my ticket! Easy process and you pulled out the “win”.
Maribel Acuna
Maribel A.
These Lawyers really know what they are doing. I love the fact that I didn't have to appear at court for anything. Thank You Mr. Speeding Ticket.
Yashira DiNardi
Yashira D.
Best Lawyers in Connecticut for your speeding tickets!
Steven Hernandez
Steven H.
Mr. Speeding Ticket provides a great service. Keep up the good work!
Kevin Elliott
Kevin E.
Mr Speeding Ticket made all my problems go away. #likeitneverhappened

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