Why Hire A Connecticut DUI Lawyer for a Motor Vehicle Case?

When facing a DUI charge in Connecticut, many people question if they even need a lawyer, let alone a DUI lawyer. For some, they are ok with whatever sentence the court hands out. They are embarrassed about their situation, or feel like they have no defenses. These people don’t want to “waste” money.

That is the wrong approach to take.

The Right Approach

You see, any experienced criminal defense lawyer will tell you that DUI cases are some of the most complicated cases for the state to prove. DUI cases involve complicated physical and chemical tests and often involve professional witnesses. In addition, many jurors have their own experiences which impact the case result. Prosecutors are limited by Connecticut DUI Law 14-227a and cannot reduce or nolle (a fancy phrase for “not prosecute”) a DUI charge without going on the record and giving a reason for doing it.

It is important to hire an experienced and dedicated DUI attorney to handle your case. This will make sure you get the best results. A DUI can have lifelong car insurance increases, driver’s license and professional license loss, and travel restrictions to other countries. Also, you will have a permanent criminal record that never goes away.

The most important thing you can do when deciding what attorney to hire for your Connecticut DUI is to have confidence in that lawyer. So many parts of your case happen outside of the courtroom, such as the motions your lawyer files, the investigation, the preparation for cross examination, and the negotiations with the prosecutor and judges. If you don’t have confidence in your attorney, all you will do is give yourself stress and anxiety you don’t need on top of your pending case.

Protecting You

As your DUI lawyer, I can make sure:

  • We attack the reasons for why you were pulled over.
  • We make the state give us all the evidence they claim to have against you.
  • In addition, we get you the best possible outcome allowed by law.

The prosecutors are not there to help you out. They are there to “move” the business through the courthouse as quickly as possible and they will do that and hurt you if you don’t know what to ask for.

Contact me today to get a free initial consultation so I can discuss all the possible defenses you might have. The consultation is free, so you lose nothing but stress by calling.

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