Connecticut Traffic Tickets and Public Passenger License

There are a few different types of licenses that you can hold in the state of Connecticut. If you want to drive a commercial motor vehicle, you must get a commercial driver’s license. One common example of the commercial motor vehicle is the tractor trailers. So, if you want to drive a tractor trailer, you need a commercial driver’s license. But, if you want to drive a vehicle that transports passengers for hire, you need another license. This is the public passenger license. You can learn more about this type of license and what to do if you get a traffic ticket here.

Public Passenger License

You will need a public passenger license for certain types of vehicles. A public passenger license lets you drive vehicles that transport many people for a fee. So, a few examples of public passenger vehicles include:

  • School buses. School buses meet the criteria for public passenger vehicles. They also meet the criteria for commercial motor vehicles in the State of Connecticut.
  • Activity vehicles. Vehicles used to transport students to school related events. They do not transport children to or from school.
  • Service buses. These are vehicles that can transport 10 or more people for private service. These service buses don’t have the individual passengers paying for this service.
  • Taxis.
  • Livery vehicle. A vehicle used by a company to transport people.
  • Student transportation vehicle. Any vehicle that is not a school bus that is used to transport students.
  • Motor coach/bus.

Public Passenger Endorsements

There are different types of public passenger endorsements that you can get. To drive these vehicles, you need certain endorsements. They include:

  • The “A” endorsement. This endorsement allows you to operate student transportation vehicles.
  • The “F” endorsement. Needed to operate school buses, motor buses, taxis, and livery vehicles.
  • The “S” endorsement. This allows you to operate a school bus. It also lets you drive vehicles that fall under the “A,” “F,” or “V,” category.
  • The “V” endorsement. This is needed to operate vehicles under the “A” and “F”categories. It is needed to operate student transportation vehicles in some situations. One example is going to or from school. It is also needed for transporting special needs children.

As you can see, in some cases, many endorsements are needed to use certain vehicles.

If you get a traffic ticket while driving a public passenger vehicle, the penalties can be severe. Also, they might be more severe for you than for the average driver. You could face heavier fines and a suspension of your public passenger license. You should avoid a driving infraction if possible.

Getting Help

Having your license suspended could impact your ability to work. This is because driving is a big part of your job. It is best to avoid traffic violations whenever possible. If you get charged with a traffic ticket you need to fight it. Tickets for speedingdriving without a license, or other issues can be bad for you. Fighting the ticket will prevent your life from changing in a negative way. To fight a ticket, you can contact my office.

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