Following Too Close Charge in Connecticut

While speeding constitutes one of the most common or well known motor vehicle violations, many others exist. Here, I will discuss some other driving laws that you might feel surprised to find that you have violated. On this page, I will talk about following too closely and failure to maintain lane, two motor vehicle violations that you might have a general idea about, but need more specific information if you have been charged with one of them.

Connecticut Law

Connecticut law says that drivers need to maintain a reasonable distance from all other vehicles. This law falls under Connecticut General Statute section 14-240. It states that all drivers need to follow other vehicles at a distance that is reasonable and prudent. This takes into consideration the traffic, weather conditions, the speed limit, the road, the other vehicles, and more. This law might seem vague. This is because it does not give a specific distance that you need to be from another vehicle. You might remember that your driving school told you to keep a minimum of three car lengths in between you and the car in front of you. But, this can be difficult to measure or follow at all times.

For these reasons, a good motor vehicle violations lawyer can argue that the distance at which you were following another car was reasonable given the circumstances of the situation. The following too closely law also states that:

  • No driver should operate a vehicle so close to another vehicle as to impede or obstruct traffic.
  • Driving caravans on the highway need to keep enough space between vehicles in the caravan to allow another vehicle to safely merge into the lane. This law does not apply to processions using official escorts or funeral processions. Similarly, if the procession has a special permit, they will not be subject to this rule.

Penalties for following too close are outlined in Connecticut General Statute section 14-240 (d). This law states that if charged with following too closely, the perpetrator faces a fine of $100-$150. If you are charged with a similar infraction, such as driving to intimidate or tailgating, you might face additional penalties.

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