Award Winning Connecticut Overweight Truck Lawyer Answers Questions About Weigh Stations

By now, you probably already know that there are weight limitations for trucks driving on Connecticut roads. However, you might wonder how these weights get checked. Will a police officer pull you over to check the weight of your vehicle? Will you be asked to fill out forms about the weight of the cargo that you carry? You must have your truck’s weight checked at a weigh station located on a Connecticut highway. There are six official weigh stations throughout the state of Connecticut that you can stop at to have a truck’s weight checked.


A Typical Connecticut Weigh Station. This one is near Middletown.

Weigh Station Locations

They include:

  • The Greenwich Weigh Station. The Greenwich Weigh Station is in Greenwich, Connecticut. It is located at the northbound side of highway I-95 near Exit 3.
  • The Danbury Weigh Station. The Danbury Weigh Station has its location in the town of Danbury, on the eastbound side of highway I-84. This weigh station is located near Exit 2B.
  • The Westbrook Weigh Station. The Westbrook Weigh Station is in Westbrook, Connecticut, on the southbound side of I-95 near Exit 67.
  • The New London Weigh Station. The New London Weigh Station has a location in New London, Connecticut. This weigh station exists on the northbound side of I-95 at Exit 81.
  • The Meriden Weigh Station. The Meriden Weigh Station is located in Meriden, Connecticut, on the northbound side of highway I-95. This weigh station exists at Exit 19.
  • The Union Weigh Station. The Union Weigh Station is located in Union, Connecticut, on the westbound side of highway I-84. The weigh station exists at Exit 73.

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) regulates all Connecticut weigh stations. All commercial motor vehicles, including trucks, must stop at a Connecticut weigh station for inspection. If you do not stop at a Connecticut weigh station when you have to, you commit a motor vehicle violation. The penalties for this violation include fines and additional penalties. If charged for ignoring a Connecticut weigh station, please contact our office for more information and assistance. We can sit down during a free consultation to determine the best way to help you through this process.

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