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a few years ago, in August, we were preparing for my daughter to begin her dance lessons. It was something she really enjoyed doing, and even though a year’s worth of lessons and the shoes and the outfits for the recital were expensive, it was something we wanted to provide for her. That summer, our friend’s daughter who is the same age, took an introductory class and seemed to like it too. Both families planned on the girls participating, and it would certainly be a fun experience for both of them, plus there was the added benefit of only having to worry about driving and drop off half the time.

So when we got the tuition, we dutifully sent in our check and registered my daughter. A week or so passed and we got an email from the school about her friend. She hadn’t registered and they were only holding the spot for another few days. I didn’t think much of it, but mentioned it casually to my wife. That’s when she told me that the other family might not register.

It turns out that they had just been hit with a whopper of a car insurance increase.

My friend had gotten a speeding ticket and didn’t bother to ask me for help. He figured he would just pay it and suck it up and not worry about it again. That was the first mistake. He knew I handled DUI cases and thought a simple speeding ticket wouldn’t be worth my time. Plus he didn’t want to burden me.

But, the insurance company saw that ticket on his driving history when he renewed and put him into a new class, which caused his rates to jump $740 for a six month renewal.

And guess when the bill arrived? The same day the tuition was supposed to go out.

So he was stuck with the choice of paying for dance lessons or car insurance. He told me about the problem and figured out a solution by contacting the dance school and getting a payment plan, but that is when I realized how much impact a single speeding ticket can have on a person, and on a family.

I hadn’t given much thought to speeding tickets before then, but it was my wake up call – to start looking to help the “little guy” so other families were not put in the same position as our friends were.

Since then we have helped hundreds of people with tickets, and I’m happy to say our daughters still take dance together. They are becoming very close, and it’s nice to be able to share that with our good friends. If we can help you with a ticket, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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