What If I Don’t Pay My Connecticut Speeding Ticket by the Due Date?

Nobody likes dealing with speeding tickets. After you get a ticket, you might be tempted to put it off or ignore it for a little while. After all, you have some time before you have to pay or figure out your next step, right?

If charged with a speeding ticket, you have a few options regarding how to proceed. One option is fighting the speeding ticket in court. Another option is simply paying the ticket. If you are thinking about paying the speeding ticket, but you do not get the money in by the due date, you might wonder what happens next. Here, I will discuss what happens if you fail to pay your speeding ticket by the due date.

Consequences of Failure to Pay

If you do not decide to contest the speeding ticket, you must pay it. If you are late in paying the ticket, additional action will be taken against you.

One of the common actions that will be taken against you is an increase in your fine. The original fine can be increased as a penalty for a late payment.

Another common consequence of a late payment is a license suspension. If you do not contact the court and simply fail to show up or fail to pay your ticket, you could face a license suspension. Oftentimes, the court will provide a way for you to rectify this situation by a certain date. If you pay the fine by a certain date, the DMV or court can lift the suspension. But, if you miss this deadline, the suspension stands.

One other common consequence to failure to pay is points against your driving license. If convicted of speeding in Connecticut, one point will go against your license. If you do not pay your fine, you could accumulate more points against your license. Having too many points against your license could result in suspension or revocation of your license. It can also increase your auto insurance premiums.

Finally, an extreme consequence of failure to pay your license or show up in court could be a warrant for your arrest. Again, this is an extreme possibility, but it is something that could happen if you continually avoid your speeding ticket.

Avoiding Consequences

The best way to avoid consequences of failure to pay your ticket is to pay the ticket on time. If you don’t want to pay the ticket, you can consider fighting the charges in court. The best way to do this is to hire a motor vehicle violation attorney to represent you in court. For more information on paying your ticket or fighting the ticket, you can contact my office. I am happy to help in any way that I can.

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