Improper Turn, Illegal Turn, Illegal Stopping, Failure To Signal Intention To Turn

As a driver, it is your responsibility to let other drivers on the road know what your intentions are. This is especially the case when you are going to make a turn. Turning requires you to slow down, and if a driver behind you does not expect you to suddenly start driving very slowly, accidents can occur. For this reason, Connecticut has established laws about improper turn and situations related to this. To learn more about these laws, read on.

Turing From Proper Lane

In the State of Connecticut, all drivers are required to get into the proper lane before trying to make a turn. This is the case on highways, at intersections, and on private roads. The driver has to get into the proper lane to make the turn in a safe manner. Turns can’t be made without a driver first making the proper signal. A proper signal under Connecticut law is an intention to turn left or right. You have to give this signal continuously in a space of at least 100 feet before the turn. It is a motor vehicle violation to suddenly stop or decrease speed in order to make a turn without first signalling.

General Statute 14-242 also states that a driver can’t turn a vehicle in the opposite direction of a curve or grade in some situations. You should not try to do this if your vehicle isn’t visible by other drivers approaching within 500 feet. You should also not make such a turn when there is a sign prohibiting a U-turn.

Left Hand Turns

If you want to make a left-hand turn into an alley, a driveway, or a private road has to follow certain rules. You have to yield the right of way to vehicles that are approaching from the opposite direction. These drivers have the right of way, and you can’t make the turn until the traffic is clear on the opposite side of the road.

Right Hand Turns

If you are trying to make a right-hand turn, you must follow certain rules related to bicyclists. If you pass someone riding a bicycle and you want to make a right hand turn, you first have to make sure that your turn will not impede the travel of the person on the bike.

Violating any of the laws outlined in this article will constitute a motor vehicle infraction. For this infraction, you face a fine, a point assessed from your driver’s license, and more. To avoid these issues, contact a traffic lawyer today.

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