Executing Turn From Wrong Lane Or Contrary To Traffic Control Devices

In order to keep everyone safe, rules of the roads are established. Sometimes, as human drivers, we see an opportunity to break a small rule in order to make our driving more efficient. It is tempting to execute a turn from a wrong lane or contrary to traffic control devices. But, it can result in being pulled over by the police. If you have been charged with executing turn from wrong lane or contrary to traffic control devices, here is the information that you need to know.

Rules For Turning

The first rule that falls under this law is related to right hand turns. All right hand turns have to be made as close as possible to the right hand highway or curb.

The second and third rules have to do with left hand turns. The second rule applies when there is an intersection in which traffic is moving in both directions. The driver that wants to make a left turn has to get into the lane farthest to the left of their side of the road. This lane will be closest to the center of the road. The third rule has to do with how to make a left turn when traffic is restricted to moving in one direction on a road. Sometimes this is the case on highways or similar roads. If this is the case, the driver who wants to make a left turn has to get to the lane that is farthest to the left on the road. After getting into this lane, they can make the left hand turn when traffic allows it.

Deceleration Lanes

In some cases, a driver might use a deceleration lane when making a turn. This is an added outside lane for drivers who need to slow down before making a turn. You will oftentimes see these lanes on highways just before an exit. Similarly, there are acceleration lanes. These lanes are usually right after an entrance to the highway. If an acceleration or deceleration lane exists, these lanes should be used to slow down or speed up.

Traffic authorities have the ability to use traffic devices or signs to change the traffic laws on Connecticut’s highways. If you encounter different instructions made by a traffic authority, you should follow them.

Getting Help

If you fail to follow any of the directions listed in this article, it will result in a motor vehicle violation. You face an infraction that will likely carry a fine. If you have received a driving infraction under Connecticut statute 14-241, you should contact an attorney. Call our office today at 203-567-6474 for more information.

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