Improper Operation On Multiple Lane Highways Connecticut Charge

When driving on multiple lane highways in Connecticut, there are certain rules that every driver must follow. Failure to follow these rules will result in improper operation on multiple lane highways. This issue is a motor vehicle violation. If a police officer sees you improperly operating a vehicle on a multiple lane highway, he or she can pull you over. You can get charged with this infraction under Connecticut General Statute section 14-236. To avoid this situation, make sure that you brush up on this law. If you have already faced a charge  for this infraction, read on to see what you can do to defend yourself.

Multiple Lane Highways

When a highway is divided into two or more lanes for traffic, it is considered a multiple lane highway. On a multiple lane highway, any vehicle should drive within the confines of one lane. This should happen until the driver determines that he or she can move into another lane safely. On multiple lane highways, The Office of the State Traffic Administration can put up signs to help direct traffic. These signs can do many things. They can direct slow moving traffic to use a designated lane. Alternatively, they can designate lanes for use by traffic in one direction. This can happen regardless of the center of the highway. All drivers on a multiple lane highway have to obey these signs, markings, or signals.

Protecting Your Rights

Failure to follow these signs is a driving violation. Failing to stay in your lane is also a violation of statute 14-236. If found guilty of this infraction, you will face a fine. You also face having one point assessed from your driver’s license. While one point won’t harm your license, having more points assessed against your license could mean having your license suspended. If you got charged with improper operation on multiple lane highways, you can try to fight the charge. The best way to do this is by working with a lawyer. Finding a lawyer who has experience defending those charged with motor vehicle violations can help. To discuss your case with such a lawyer, you can contact my office today.

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