Slow Speed, Impeding Traffic Charge and Penalties in Connecticut

As a driver on Connecticut roads, you are probably acutely aware of the speed limit at any given time. Even if you’ve just been driving for a few miles on the highway, you might instinctively begin looking for the next speed limit sign. You want to make sure that you are driving at an appropriate speed and that you won’t get pulled over for speeding. But, the speed limit is not the only thing that you should be aware of when driving. Some areas also have speed minimums. The speed minimums are intended to keep traffic moving at a reasonable pace. If you fall below the minimum speed limit, you can actually be charged with impeding traffic. Here, you can learn about the slow speed and impeding traffic law in the state of Connecticut.

Limited Access Highways

On limited access highways in Connecticut, the speed minimum is 40 miles per hour. This means that if you are driving less than 40 miles on a limited access highway, you could be charged with impeding traffic. For other highways, the law is that you should not drive at such a slow pace that you are impeding traffic. The only exceptions to this law are when:

This law does not apply to the following people:

  • Maintenance vehicles and equipment.
  • Motor vehicles with commercial registration that can’t drive over 40 miles per hour due to the gradient.

Any motor vehicle that has a gross weight over twenty five thousand pounds has to use flashing lights when traveling on any limited access divided highway. They have to drive faster than 40 miles per hour, but slower than the regular traffic speed. This is because of the gradient.

Getting Help

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