Failure to Obey Yield Sign

Failure to obey a yield sign may result in a motor vehicle violation, and other consequences. If you have recently been given a ticket for failure to obey yield sign, you may have some questions about it. On this page, I will discuss what Connecticut law says about failure to obey yield sign so that you can better understand your ticket. In addition, I will discuss the consequences that you may face if you plead to this violation. I’ll also discuss the options that you have when it comes to fighting the ticket or pleading to it.

What is Failure to Obey Yield Sign?

At some intersections, there are yield signs which help drivers determine which one has the right of way. At any intersection that has a yield sign, drivers approaching the yield sign must yield the right of way to any other vehicle in the intersection. Failing to yield at an intersection could result in a motor vehicle accident. This may be used as evidence of a driver’s fault in the collision.

The best way to avoid this motor vehicle infraction is to cautiously approach any rotary or intersection where a yield sign is present. You should only proceed through the intersection after looking in front of your vehicle and to both sides thoroughly to make sure that there are no other cars also trying to enter the intersection.

Consequences of Failure to Obey Yield Sign

If you have received a motor vehicle ticket for failing to obey a yield sign, you may receive fines, a violation on your driving record, and DMV points on your license. This motor vehicle infraction results in two points assessed against your driver’s license by the DMV. If you have 10 points assessed against your license, the DMV will suspend your license.

Instead of pleading to the infraction and facing these consequences, some people choose to fight the ticket. It is a good idea to talk to a lawyer before proceeding with your situation. If you have questions or concerns about motor vehicle infractions, call Mr. Speeding Ticket to speak with someone who can assist you with your ticket. We can discuss your situation and help you determine the best course of action. We are happy to appear in court on your behalf, as we handle tickets at each courthouse in the state.

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