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Getting a speeding ticket in the State of Connecticut can be a hassle. Suddenly, you have to deal with potential fines, getting points assessed from your driver’s license, and the stress of appearing in court. At this time, it is a good idea to reduce your stress as much as possible. You can do this by learning how to fight a Connecticut speeding ticket. You can get information on fighting a CT speeding ticket here.

Contacting A Lawyer

When you first get a CT speeding ticket, you might feel overwhelmed. It is hard to know where to start with a speeding ticket, especially if it is your first one. We recommend that you first contact a motor vehicle violation lawyer when charged with a speeding ticket. Set up a free consultation with a lawyer in your area. This has many benefits. First, you can get your questions answered about the speeding ticket during a free consultation. Even if you don’t decide to hire a lawyer, you can get professional advice about your situation. Secondly, you can work with someone who understands the Connecticut court system. A lawyer in your area will have specific information about the courthouse that you are dealing with for your ticket. You can get advice about this courthouse to make your speeding ticket process easier.

How To Plead

The next step is deciding how you are going to plead in your case. You can plead not guilty and appear in court to defend your case. Or, you can plead nolo contendere to the ticket. Nolo contendere means “no contest” – it means that you are not admitting to the charges you face, but you are also not denying them. A lawyer can be instrumental in helping you determine how to plead.

Many people decide to fight a CT speeding ticket. This is because there are many ways to reduce a speeding ticket or get it thrown out altogether. With a little bit of time and effort, you can save yourself a hefty fine. You can build a defense against the police officer’s claims, or evidence from a radar system or laser gun.

Gathering Evidence

The best way to begin building your defense is establishing your side of the story. Write down in detail everything that happened before, during, and right after you were charged with a speeding ticket. Take note of traffic conditions, what type of road you were driving on, the weather, the police officer’s demeanor, etc. This record will come in handy down the line. Once you have this record written down, you and your lawyer can begin to find holes in the police officer’s claims or the equipment that they used to make an arrest. Many times, faulty equipment or an officer’s misinterpretation of a scenario are enough evidence to have the ticket reduced or dismissed.

If you are serious about fighting your CT speeding ticket, you should contact a motor vehicle violation lawyer as soon as possible. Set up a free consultation with us today to get started on your defense.

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