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What to Know For The International Vehicle Safety Check

You might have heard of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s 72 hour inspection taking place June 4 – June 6. This international inspection has the ability to place vehicles out of service if the requirements for the safety check are not met. If you are a driver, be prepared for the full 37 point North […]

Improper Operation On Multiple Lane Highways Connecticut Charge

When driving on multiple lane highways in Connecticut, there are certain rules that every driver must follow. Failure to follow these rules will result in improper operation on multiple lane highways. This issue is a motor vehicle violation. If a police officer sees you improperly operating a vehicle on a multiple lane highway, he or […]

Illegal Use Of Limited Access Highway By Commercial Vehicles

In my last article, I talked about failure to drive in the right hand lane. In most cases, you want to drive in the right hand lane when operating a vehicle on a Connecticut highway. Here, I will talk more specifically about illegal use of limited access highway by certain motor vehicles. This includes buses, […]

Right Of Emergency Vehicles Law in Connecticut

A Connecticut emergency vehicle has the right of way over all other vehicles on the road. This is the case when an emergency vehicle is responding to an emergency. Learn more about right of emergency vehicles here. You can also learn about the consequences you face for obstructing emergency vehicles. Emergency Vehicle Priority When emergency vehicles respond to an […]

How to Defend Yourself Against a Racing On Connecticut Roads Charge

It might start out innocently enough. You might be messing around with some friends on the road, seeing who can drive faster. Or, you might feel antagonized into driving faster by a complete stranger. Whatever the reason, street racing in the State of Connecticut is against the law. While it might look fun in the […]