How to Defend Yourself Against a Racing On Connecticut Roads Charge

It might start out innocently enough. You might be messing around with some friends on the road, seeing who can drive faster. Or, you might feel antagonized into driving faster by a complete stranger. Whatever the reason, street racing in the State of Connecticut is against the law. While it might look fun in the movies, this is a dangerous action that can result in a ticket from the police. When street racing, you put other people in danger. Connecticut’s streets and highways are not designed for this action. If you lose control of your vehicle, you could cause serious injuries to other people. Also, you could cause costly damage to other people’s property. You will be responsible for compensating for these damages, on top of facing a racing charge. You can learn more about this crime and its consequences here.


If the police catch you street racing in Connecticut, you face serious consequences. These consequences include:

  • A fine of $75-600.
  • A one year driver’s license suspension.
  • For a second offense, you face a fine of $100-1,000 and a one year suspension of your license.

These are just penalties for a street racing conviction. If you damage to another person or a person’s property, you might face a personal injury lawsuit. If you lose this case, you will be responsible for compensating the plaintiff for his or her damages. You face compensation fees, other  fines, another license suspension, and more. For these reasons, you should avoid a personal injury case.

Protecting Your Rights

You should avoid racing in the State of Connecticut if you can. Not only is this a dangerous practice, but it can cause many different charges to be brought against you. If you have been charged with racing, you need to start building a defense to this charge as soon as possible. One of the best ways to build a solid defense is by contacting a motor vehicle violation attorney. By contacting my office, you can set up a free consultation. We can talk about your case and build your defense. For more information, please contact my office.

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