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Connecticut Weigh Stations – Information and Locations

The state of Connecticut has established weight limits for trucks that drive on the highway. These limits relate to the size, length, and weight of trucks. Tractor trailers and similar vehicles that drive on roads need to follow these laws. These laws exist to keep the roads safe and protect other drivers. Huge trucks that break […]

Failure To Drive In Right Hand Lane Charge in Connecticut

When driving on Connecticut roads, there are certain situations where you have to drive in the right hand lane. Failure to do this will result in a motor vehicle violation. You can learn more about failure to drive in right hand lane in this article. Driving In The Right Hand Lane When driving on Connecticut […]

Executing Turn From Wrong Lane Or Contrary To Traffic Control Devices

In order to keep everyone safe, rules of the roads are established. Sometimes, as human drivers, we see an opportunity to break a small rule in order to make our driving more efficient. It is tempting to execute a turn from a wrong lane or contrary to traffic control devices. But, it can result in […]