Failure To Drive In Right Hand Lane Charge in Connecticut

When driving on Connecticut roads, there are certain situations where you have to drive in the right hand lane. Failure to do this will result in a motor vehicle violation. You can learn more about failure to drive in right hand lane in this article.

Driving In The Right Hand Lane

When driving on Connecticut highways, all motor vehicles are required to drive in the right hand lane. There is one type of vehicle that is an exception to this rule. There are also a few circumstances in which there is an exception to this rule. The vehicle exception to this rule is a vehicle that exceeds the width limitations and has a special permit. This permit must come from the Commissioner of Transportation. In normal circumstances, this vehicle has to use the extreme right lane on the highway. But, the special permit can authorize the vehicle to drive in another lane when:

  • Overtaking parked vehicles or obstructions.
  • The right side of the lane has been closed.
  • Access to the highway is provided from the left side of the road.

For regular vehicles, there are different exceptions for failure to use the right lane. They are:

  • When overtaking and passing a vehicle in the same direction.
  • When overtaking and passing parked cars, obstructions, and people.
  • If the right lane is closed because of construction.
  • When on a highway with three or more lanes.
  • When on a highway designated for one way traffic.

All vehicles that are driving slower than the normal speed of traffic should be driving in the right lane. This must be done except when passing another vehicle going in the same direction. Another exception is when the vehicle is preparing to make a left turn.

Getting Help

Failure to drive in right hand lane is considered a motor vehicle infraction. This infraction can result in you having one point assessed from your driver’s license by the DMV. You will also likely face a fine. If you are interested in fighting this charge, you should contact a motor vehicle violation attorney. At Mr. Speeding Ticket, we can help you establish evidence to prove your innocence. We will defend your case to the best of our abilities. Contact us for more information or to set up a free consultation today. 

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