Operation of School Bus at Excessive Speed in Connecticut

School bus drivers have important and serious jobs. It is their responsibility to keep dozens of children safe at a time. Endangering the lives of these children is a serious offense in the State of Connecticut. This is why many motor vehicle violations carry more serious penalties for school buses. Connecticut Statute Section 14-281a explains the law for the proper speed of school buses. You can learn more about the operation of school bus at excessive speed in this article.

Safe Speed

General Statute 14-281a states that all school buses should operate at a safe speed. A safe speed is determined by the conditions on the road, including factors such as:

A school bus driver needs to use his judgement to determine a safe speed to travel. This decision should be made by the conditions on the road. Also, the law outlines speed limits for certain situations. For example, on divided limited access highways, the speed limit for school buses is 50 miles per hour. On all other highways, the speed limit for school buses is 40 miles per hour. In areas where signs indicate lower speeds, these limits should get followed.

This law also states that student transportation vehicles need to use lighted head lamps. This should always happen when school children are in the vehicle. This includes school buses.


Violating sec. 14-281 will result in a motor vehicle infraction. You will face penalties such as fines and a license suspension. There is also a significant point assessment against your driver’s license. If you are found guilty of operation of school bus at excessive speed, 5 points can be assessed against your driver’s license. The Department of Motor Vehicles has the power to do this. Only one other motor vehicle violation in Connecticut carries this severe of a penalty. That other motor vehicle violation is negligent homicide with a motor vehicle.

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