Failure To Obey Signal At Railroad Crossing Charge in Connecticut

As a driver, you need to approach certain intersections with caution. This is meant to keep you safe as well as other drivers and pedestrians safe. One place where it is important to proceed with caution and obey traffic signals is at a railroad crossing. Failure to obey signal at railroad crossing is a motor vehicle infraction in the State of Connecticut. To avoid this issue, you need to obey General Statute section 14-249. You can learn more about this statute in this article.

Stopping For Railroad Crossing

Connecticut law states that any driver has to bring their motor vehicle to a full stop when approaching a railroad grade crossing in certain situations. The driver must stop when a law enforcement agent warns the driver of a train that is approaching. Another instance when the driver must stop is when there are flashing lights at the grade crossing. This is the most common example of a signal telling a motor vehicle to stop for a train. These flashing lights are installed per the request of the Commissioner of Transportation. When these lights are flashing, a driver should not drive over the railroad crossing. They have to stop until the train or locomotive has completely passed.

In general, a person should not cross train tracks when a locomotive or train is crossing. This should be done whether there is a signal to stop or not. In addition, a driver shouldn’t drive too fast that they can’t stop before a railroad crossing when approaching that rossing.


Violating section 14-249 is a motor vehicle infraction. It can result in fines, two points being assessed from a person’s license, and more. To avoid this issue, be sure to stop at signals at railroad crossings. If you see a train approaching a railroad crossing, you should also stop and wait for the train to pass before trying to cross the tracks.

If you have been charged with failure to obey signal at railroad crossing, you should consider contacting a lawyer. A lawyer with experience in motor vehicle violations can help you through this process and protect your rights. For more information, contact my office today.

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