Speeding Ticket Lawyer in New Haven, Connecticut

Getting a speeding ticket or another traffic related ticket in New Haven, Connecticut can be disheartening. Whether this is your first ticket or you’re familiar with the process, there are some things that you should know. Each speeding ticket case is different. One differing factor is where the ticket is administered. Tickets that are contested in the Bridgeport Courthouse might differ from ones that go to the New Haven Courthouse. This is because different courthouses have different best practices and different staff members. My colleagues and I have handled cases in the New Haven Courthouse. You can use our knowledge to your advantage with this information.

New Haven Speeding Tickets

While New Haven isn’t the largest city in Connecticut, it still has a substantial population. More people means more drivers on the road, which can cause issues. You might fall victim to a speed trap in or near New Haven. Or, you might have an issue while dealing with traffic or road construction. Driving in a city can increase your chances of a motor vehicle issue, and driving in New Haven, Connecticut is no different.

If you do face a speeding ticket in New Haven, you can pay the fine or you can contest the ticket. If you contest the ticket, you or your lawyer have to present your case to a judge at the New Haven Courthouse. Choosing to take your ticket to court could mean having it dismissed, so this can be a good option. You can learn more about the New Haven Courthouse in the next section.

New Haven Courthouse

The New Haven Courthouse is located at 121 Elm Street, New Haven, CT 06511. It is also referred to as “Geographic Area 23” or “G.A. 23.” So, if you hear these terms, they refer to this courthouse. Once you reach the courthouse, you will probably want to find somewhere to park. There are a few parking garages that you can choose from. You can use the private parking garage on the corner of Grove Street and Church Street. Or, you can park at the garage at 65 Grove Street. Both of these courthouses are close to the courthouse. If you don’t want to park in a garage, there is also street parking.

After you park, you should enter the courthouse through the main front doors. Once you get into the courthouse, you will see a security checkpoint. This checkpoint is mandatory for everyone entering the courthouse. After you go through the security checkpoint, you should proceed to courtroom C. This is where motor vehicle cases are handled.

Getting Help

It is a good idea to contact a lawyer if you want to fight your speeding ticket. I handle speeding tickets in the New Haven Courthouse regularly. I know the judges, I know the court clerks. These relationships oftentimes mean that I can negotiate with judges in ways that other people cannot. To discuss your case, please contact my office.

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