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Fight CT Speeding Ticket

Getting a speeding ticket in the State of Connecticut can be a hassle. Suddenly, you have to deal with potential fines, getting points assessed from your driver’s license, and the stress of appearing in court. At this time, it is a good idea to reduce your stress as much as possible. You can do this […]

How To Find The Right Lawyer

In my last article, I talked about why it is a good idea to hire a lawyer if charged with a motor vehicle violation. But hiring just any lawyer isn’t the best idea. It is important that you find the right attorney to represent you and your interests. In this article, I consider important factors in finding […]

Hiring A Lawyer Vs. Representing Yourself

When you are involved in a motor vehicle violation, there are many decisions to make. Will you fight the ticket or plead guilty? How can you defend yourself against the charges that you face? Is representing yourself a good idea or should you hire a lawyer? These are all valid questions that you should consider. This […]