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Defending Against a Cell Phone Ticket in Connecticut

Whenever you are charged with a cellphone violation in Connecticut, you have a right to defend yourself. The law on cellphones is very clear – you can’t be holding the phone to your ear and be talking on the phone while driving. But what about initiating the call? Turning on the speakerphone? Or ending the […]

Defending Yourself from a Radar Speeding Ticket in Court

For years now we have defended people who have been charged with RADAR speeding violations in Connecticut.  But sometimes, not everyone wants to spend the money on an attorney. For those people, we are sharing this – our guide to cross examination of a Radar officer. These may not be all the questions you need […]

4 Reasons To Hire A Motor Vehicle Violation Lawyer

Most people charged with a motor vehicle violation are first time offenders. They have never never experienced a run-in with the law. If this describes you, you might not be sure of what you should do next. Do you just pay the fine and try to put the experience behind you? Are there other consequences, such as losing […]

Hiring A Lawyer Vs. Representing Yourself

When you are involved in a motor vehicle violation, there are many decisions to make. Will you fight the ticket or plead guilty? How can you defend yourself against the charges that you face? Is representing yourself a good idea or should you hire a lawyer? These are all valid questions that you should consider. This […]