Red Light Cameras and Speeding Cameras

Currently, only a few states have implemented laws on the use of red light cameras and speed cameras. Connecticut does not yet have state laws in place for the use of these, yet a few towns have begun implementing these procedures, and are pushing for the use of them. Here is what you need to know about red light cameras and speeding cameras in Connecticut.

Connecticut Towns

The town of Hamden, Connecticut is now using red light cameras at several major intersections in the town. State law in Connecticut does not actually allow towns to ticket people that the cameras catch running red lights yet. The town has installed the cameras and has boosted law enforcement, probably with the hopes that the cameras will produce a deterring affect in the town. Hamden officials have claimed that although they cannot actually catch and punish people who run red lights with the cameras, it will help them collect data and decide whether the technique will be effective. The mayor has said that the traffic light cameras are allowed to be used to catch criminals and solve crime in the area.

The city of New Haven may be pushing for the use of red light cameras in the near future. After several deaths of pedestrians hit while crossing intersections in New Haven, Alder Abby Roth is a strong advocate for installing the cameras. There have been critics on whether the use of red light cameras is a stunt to collect more fines, but Roth claims that there is a serious safety concern for pedestrians in the busy city of New Haven.

Ticketing Drivers

As of right now, Connecticut cannot ticket drivers from the use of the speeding cameras. There are no state laws in Connecticut in speeding cameras. Traffic camera legislation has been proposed numerous times over the years, and it appears that several towns in Connecticut are getting on board with the desire to implement these laws. The use of speeding cameras are more so a warning to drivers, and can be used to deter drivers who visibly see the speed limit in front of them or possibly even think that they could be ticketed by it.

There are no state or federal funds that are available for red light cameras, but towns that decide to use them for data collection or for deterrence may use funds from the town aide highway grant program to pay for and install these cameras.

Ticketing from red light cameras and speed cameras is not allowed in Connecticut right now, and the legislation must pass before this can happen. So although you cannot be ticketed right now by the red light and speeding cameras, several towns seem to be using funds to set them up, are starting to collect data, and are pushing for ticketing based on this technology. So this may be something to keep an eye on it the future.

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