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Driving While Impaired Motor Vehicle Violation

Many people do not know this, but driving while impaired is actually only a traffic violation, as opposed to driving while intoxicated, which is a criminal conviction. A person can receive a ticket for driving while impaired, without actually receiving a DUI charge and being arrested. How is this possible? On this page, I will […]

Getting A Speeding Ticket In Massachusetts – Charges and Penalties

Many people who live in Connecticut drive to Massachusetts once in a while. Whether you are taking a day trip to Boston, spending a weekend on Cape Cod, or taking your children to Six Flags, you probably have some experience driving in Massachusetts. But, this does not mean that you are familiar with all of […]

Getting A Speeding Ticket In Maine – Charges, Penalties, and More

A road trip from Connecticut to Maine is something that many families do in the summer months. You might notice that in many parts of Maine, the speeding limit is higher than it is in Connecticut. But, you might get carried away while driving, and still start speeding. If this happens, you could get a […]