Getting A Speeding Ticket In Massachusetts – Charges and Penalties

Many people who live in Connecticut drive to Massachusetts once in a while. Whether you are taking a day trip to Boston, spending a weekend on Cape Cod, or taking your children to Six Flags, you probably have some experience driving in Massachusetts. But, this does not mean that you are familiar with all of the traffic laws in the area. You might not know what the speeding limit is in a particular area. This could cause you to get pulled over by the police and charged with a speeding ticket. If this happens, you need to know what will happen next. You can get this information here.

Speeding Ticket Penalties

If you get a speeding ticket, you should find the penalties that you face on the ticket itself. Generally, penalties for a Massachusetts speeding ticket include:

  • A $50 base charge.
  • A $50 surcharge.
  • $10 charge for every mile that you drove over the speed limit.
  • You might face points against your driver’s license, depending on the circumstances of the situation.
  • Increased auto insurance rates.

Paying Your Ticket

You can plead nolo contendere to your ticket and pay the fine. If you do this, all you have to do is pay the fine. You won’t deal with other penalties or going to court. You can pay the ticket by:

  • Calling the number on your ticket.
  • Visiting the website information on your ticket.
  • Mailing in a check.

You must do this within 20 days of receiving your speeding ticket. For a speeding ticket and other civil traffic tickets, you won’t have to appear in court unless you fight the ticket.

Fighting Your Ticket

You also have the option to fight your speeding ticket. But, keep in mind that this means that you should appear in court in Massachusetts. For a civil ticket such as a speeding ticket, you have to request a civil hearing within 20 days of getting your ticket. If you are found not guilty in the civil hearing, you won’t face any penalties. But, if a judge finds you guilty, you have to pay the fine and you might get points assessed against your license. So, you should talk to an attorney before making a decision on fighting or paying your ticket.

We can help you with your situation. We know a lot about Massachusetts traffic tickets and can help you make the right decision. If you need a Massachusetts lawyer to help with your case, we can refer you to one. Please contact our office for more information.

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