Getting a Speeding Ticket in Nebraska – Charge, Penalties, and More

Just as in other states, Nebraska has its own rules and laws regarding motor vehicle violations. One common motor vehicle violation that drivers in Nebraska face is speeding. Whether you live in Nebraska or you are just passing through, getting a speeding ticket will have consequences. If you are not familiar with these consequences, you can learn about them here.

Speeding Definition

Nebraska statues, Chapter 60, Section 682.01 talks about speeding violations in the state. In this statute, speeding is defined as the violation of a maximum speed limit that has been established for a highway or freeway.

This section also sets out the penalties for speeding in Nebraska.

Speeding Penalties

Like in many states, the main penalty for speeding in Nebraska is a fine. The fine has basis on how much over the speed limit a person drove.

In addition, consider that the fines in this section get doubled if the violation happens in a construction zone. This is also the case if the violation occurs in a school zone. This means that you could face a fine of up to $600 for speeding in Nebraska!

Protecting Yourself

If you face a speeding ticket in Nebraska, you need to figure out what to do next. It is a good idea to contact a motor vehicle violation lawyer to try to help you in this situation. This lawyer can help you get minimum penalties and deal with lesser fines. For more information on your situation and contacting a lawyer in Nebraska, contact my office. I can help you in this situation.\

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