Passing on the Right Motor Vehicle Violation

Generally, drivers on any road or highway may not overtake or pass another vehicle on the right. Passing should instead be done on the left. Drivers may only pass others on the right in specific conditions. Failing to follow this rule and the special exceptions could result in a motor vehicle ticket for passing on the right. I will discuss passing on the right in greater detail on this page.

What is Passing on the Right?

As already mentioned, if you want to pass another car, you should do so by passing in the left-hand lane. This is generally the case, although some exceptions exist.

One exception is when the vehicle overtaken is trying to turn or signaling to turn off the highway on the left or making a left turn. In this situation, it would be unsafe to attempt to pass on the left. Vehicles may also pass on the right when traffic has stopped or slowed down on a multiple lane road or highway. Another situation where passing on the right is allowed is on a one-way street with enough room for more than one car or a one way street with multiple lanes for moving vehicles. Lastly, passing on the right is permitted on limited access highways or parkways where there are three or more lanes for traffic going in one direction. This is the case unless there are signs that signal that passing on the right is not allowed.  

Penalties of Passing on the Right

Violating any of these exceptions when passing on the right may result in a motor vehicle ticket, fines, a violation on one’s driving history, DMV points on one’s license, and possibly license suspension or other penalties. You face three points against your license if caught passing on the right. If you have a total of ten points against your license, the DMV has the right to suspend your license. So, it is best to avoid motor vehicle violations and avoid these potential penalties.

If you have received a motor vehicle ticket for passing on the right and you would like more information on the pros and cons of fighting the ticket in court, call Mr. Speeding Ticket. We could potentially defend your situation, especially if you were passing on the right in compliance with one of the exceptions to this rule. To speak with someone who can help you and answer your questions, give us a call today. We handle tickets in each courthouse in the state. No matter where you got a ticket, we can help.

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