Passing in a No Passing Zone

Passing in a no passing zone is against the law in Connecticut and may result in a motor vehicle ticket, if violated. Many highways have areas in which passing or driving to the left of the highway would be dangerous, and therefore, having signs in these areas that prohibit passing of any kind. If you have recently been issued a passing in a no passing zone ticket, this information can help. You can learn more about this law, as well as the penalties that you may face for it. The information here can also help you determine your options if you have gotten this ticket.

What is Passing in a No Passing Zone?

In areas of a highway designated as no passing zones, a vehicle may not disobey these signs. A vehicle should not pass when the signs or markings are clearly visible to the reasonable driver. If you violate this law, you can face a passing in a no passing zone ticket.

This violation may result in a motor vehicle ticket. That means potential fines, a violation on one’s driving history, and DMV points on one’s license. Passing in dangerous areas of the highway is much more dangerous than on roads, because of the high speeds and congestion of traffic. Therefore, the amount of points that the DMV may assess to a violator’s license may be as high as three. The most points you can get for one motor vehicle violation is five. So, passing in no passing zone is considered a moderate motor vehicle violation.

Pleading to or Fighting Your Ticket

Ultimately, you want to avoid a passing in a no passing zone ticket if possible. But, if you have been issued this type of ticket, you might be wondering what your options are. You have two basic options – pleading to the ticket, or fighting the ticket. If you plead to the ticket, you most likely don’t have to go to court. You just admit to the ticket, pay it, and face whatever other penalties apply. Alternatively, you can choose to fight the ticket. This means that you take the ticket to court and provide a defense for your situation. The court will decide if you are “guilty” of the violation and need to face the penalties. Or, they may issue lesser penalties, or find you “not guilty” of the violation.

Fighting a ticket is appropriate in some situations. To determine if it is in your best interest to fight your ticket, it is a good idea to contact a motor vehicle violations lawyer. Such a lawyer can explain the pros and cons to you. If you do decide to fight the ticket, they can also assist you in court. For help with your passing in a no passing zone ticket, contact our office. We are happy to help you determine the best course of action for your situation.

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