Operator’s Duty on Stopping a School Bus

One motor vehicle violation in Connecticut is violation of operator’s duty on stopping a school bus. If you have gotten a ticket for this violation, here is some information that you need to know about the violation itself and the consequences of it. Understanding the violation can help you decide if you want to fight the ticket.

What is Operator’s Duty on Stopping a School Bus?

Violation of operator’s duties while stopping a school bus is a one-point infraction that school bus drivers can receive for a few different reasons. Although a school bus driver may only receive one point for this infraction, consequences may also include issues with bus driving employment as well as very expensive fines. So, this violation can have serious consequences for bus drivers.

Upon coming to a stop, a school bus driver must signal to all other cars that they will be stopping. They can signal by flashing signal lights for at least 50 feet before bringing the bus to a stop. This is necessary so that all vehicles in front of, behind, and to the sides of the bus will be aware that they need to stop as well.

The school bus driver may not open the doors to let passengers off or onto the bus until all surrounding vehicles have come to a stop, and until the stop sign signal on the bus has been extended.

The driver of the school bus may not drive the bus until all the doors are closed, and passengers are seated. The driver may not stop to let passengers on or off the bus while traveling on a highway, unless an adequate shoulder, bus stop, or special facilities exist.

Lastly, a bus driver must not allow passengers to exit or enter onto the bus on a highway with separate roadways. The exception is that a boarding passenger may reach the bus stop, residence, or destination without crossing the highway, or if the bus can stop at a location having a traffic control signal or crossing guard.

Of course there is extensive training that goes into being a bus driver and learning these rules. However, not following these specifications may lead to a traffic ticket for violating these operator’s duties on stopping a school bus, according to Connecticut traffic laws.

Getting a Ticket

The penalty for receiving a traffic ticket for violating operator’s duties on stopping a school bus may include a fine between $100 and $500. In addition, a person could get a violation on one’s driving history, DMV points on their driver’s license, and in this case, possibly an issue with employment as a school bus driver.

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