Failure To Grant Right Of Way To Pedestrian in Connecticut

When driving on Connecticut highways, it is important to understand when you have the right of way and when other people have the right of way. On Connecticut roads, pedestrians always have the right of way over vehicles. Failure to grant the right of way to a pedestrian is a driving infraction in Connecticut. To learn about this driving infraction, read on.

Role Of Traffic Authorities

Traffic authorities have the power to determine areas of the road that are especially dangerous for pedestrians. This might include certain intersections and crosswalks. One example of crosswalks specifically for pedestrians are those near schools. Traffic authorities assume that children will use these crosswalks. Also, they assume they will be specifically designated to help children cross the street or highway.


Any intersection that has pedestrian controlled signs that say “Walk” and “Don’t Walk” allows pedestrians to cross in accordance with the sign. At intersections controlled by stop signs or other traffic lights, a pedestrian shouldn’t cross against a “stop” sign or a red light. Also, pedestrians should cross the street a designated crosswalks.

When approaching an unmarked crosswalk, it is the responsibility of a driver to slow down or stop when a pedestrian is trying to cross the street. The pedestrian should be walking in the crosswalk. If another vehicle has stopped at a crosswalk to let a pedestrian pass, you should not try to pass that vehicle. Instead, you should stop and wait for the pedestrian to pass, and for the other vehicle to begin moving.

If you approach a pedestrian carrying a white cane or a white cane with a red tip, this signifies that the pedestrian is blind. If a person is walking with the use of a guide dog, this also signifies that he or she is blind. When approaching a blind pedestrian, it is your responsibility to yield to this pedestrian. Grant him or her the right of way. People who are not legally blind are not allowed to carry white canes or use guide dogs to help them navigate the roads.


If you fail to grant right of way to pedestrian under General Statutes section 14-300, this is a driving infraction. You face a fine of ninety dollars. You also face having three points assessed from your driver’s license. If you have been charged with this motor vehicle violation, you need to make sure that your rights are protected. You can contact our office at 800-520-1725 to do this. You can set up a free consultation in which we can discuss your situation. This will help determine the best way to defend your case. Contact us now to get started on your defense!

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