Failure to Drive a Reasonable Distance Apart

Failing to drive a reasonable distance apart, or the intent to harass, is a violation of Connecticut traffic laws. This violation is somewhat more severe than other motor vehicle violations because there is an intent element, rather than simple negligence or an accident in the violation. If you have been charged with failure to drive a reasonable distance apart, you can find important information about the penalties you face on this page. I will also discuss the options that you have if you face this ticket.

What is Failure to Drive a Reasonable Distance Apart?

Drivers may not follow other vehicles closer than a reasonable, prudent person would in the same circumstances. Circumstances such as speed of other vehicles on the road, the amount of traffic, and weather conditions may alter the distance between cars that a reasonable person may keep.

Additionally, no driver is permitted to drive so close to another when it would obstruct or impede traffic. A reasonable distance should also be kept from vehicles involved in funeral processions, vehicles under official escort, or vehicles under a special permit.

Penalties for Failure to Drive a Reasonable Distance Apart

Any driver who fails to drive a reasonable distance apart may receive a motor vehicle ticket, fines for $100 to $150, a violation of one’s driving history, and three DMV points on one’s license. As mentioned above, this motor vehicle infraction carries more serious penalties than some others due to the “intent” element of the situation. Three out of the maximum five DMV points for one motor vehicle violation can mean trouble for your license, especially if you have recently faced other motor vehicle tickets.

If you have received a motor vehicle ticket for failing to drive a reasonable distance apart or another motor vehicle ticket, we can help. Call Mr. Speeding Ticket to speak with someone who can give you the pros and cons of fighting the ticket in court. We will sit down with you and discuss your specific situation. This can help you make an informed decision about pleading to the ticket or fighting it. If you would like to fight the ticket, we can help. Because “reasonable distance” can change with different driving factors, we may be able to find a good defense for your situation. Of course, this depends on your individual situation. You can contact us for more details. We are happy to help.

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