DMV Hearings

If you face a motor vehicle violation, you will likely face a DMV hearing. This hearing will determine if your driver’s license will be suspended or revoked. There are many different types of DMV hearings. We outline them in this section.

License Suspensions and Revocation

Certain motor vehicle violations can result in driver’s license suspensions or even revocation in the state of Connecticut. You can learn more about license revocations and how they might affect you here. You can also learn how to defend yourself against a suspension or a revocation.

CDL License Suspensions

If you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), motor vehicle violations can be more severe for you than for the average driver. This is because a license suspension for someone with a CDL can seriously impact their ability to work. If you have a special license in order to perform your job, a suspension could put you out of work. In addition, CDL holders are subject to higher standards than regular drivers. This makes it easier for CDL holders to be charged with issues such as DUI. If you are a CDL holder and you face a motor vehicle violation, learn more about CDL license suspensions and hearings with the DMV here.

Insurance Compliance Hearings

If charged with failure to maintain insurance, there are several ways that you can prove that you indeed carry up-to-date car insurance. One way to do this is through the insurance compliance hearing. Such a hearing can be scheduled with the DMV. Learn more about the insurance compliance hearing on this page.

Medical Review Hearings

If your ability to drive safely is called into question due to a medical condition that you have, a medical review hearing might be scheduled. At such a hearing, you will have to prove that you are fit to drive in order to keep your license. Learn more about medical review hearings here.

Getting Help

If you need additional help with a DMV hearing, contact our office. We are happy to represent you at one of the various DMV hearings that you might have to attend. Learn more by contacting our office.

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