Tag: Commercial Motor Vehicles

What to Know For The International Vehicle Safety Check

You might have heard of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s 72 hour inspection taking place June 4 – June 6. This international inspection has the ability to place vehicles out of service if the requirements for the safety check are not met. If you are a driver, be prepared for the full 37 point North […]

Illegal Use Of Limited Access Highway By Commercial Vehicles

In my last article, I talked about failure to drive in the right hand lane. In most cases, you want to drive in the right hand lane when operating a vehicle on a Connecticut highway. Here, I will talk more specifically about illegal use of limited access highway by certain motor vehicles. This includes buses, […]

Failure To Stop At Railroad Crossing By School Bus, Commercial Motor Vehicle

Just as regular motor vehicles have to stop at railroad crossings, so do special motor vehicles. Vehicles such as commercial motor vehicles and school buses are required to drive safely. This means stopping at railroad crossings. While all vehicles should do this, it is important that special vehicles such as these do it. This is […]