Getting a Speeding Ticket in Minnesota – Charges, Penalties, and More

Minnesota is a large state. When driving through it, it can be easy to get distracted and not notice how fast you are driving. Unfortunately, this can result in a speeding ticket being issued by a police officer. If you face a Minnesota speeding ticket, there is some information that you need to have. This information regarding fines and other penalties can help you determine how to proceed with your speeding ticket. Especially as an out of state driver, you need this information.

Minnesota Speeding Ticket

In the state of Minnesota, your speeding ticket will vary from county to county. In some areas, if you get a speeding ticket, you can pay the fine online. But, in other areas, you have to appear in person. The same is true if you want to fight the ticket. The process for fighting the ticket will vary by county. In some counties, you can fight the ticket without having to appear in court. In other areas, you will have to appear in court. To determine the specifics of your offense, you should refer to the ticket that the police officer gives you. In addition, you should contact an attorney who has worked with Minnesota traffic offenses before.

Speeding Ticket Fines

If you get a speeding ticket in this state, you will have to pay a fine. As I’ve already stated, the fine will vary by county. You can check your ticket to figure out what you owe. Or, you can contact the court for this information. If you got a ticket in the metro area, you can call the traffic court at 651-281-3219. Or, you can use the Minnesota Courts Online Payment Search. If you got a speeding ticket outside of the metro area, call 800-657-3611. Or, you can check the Minnesota Court Payment website.

DMV Points

Unlike in Connecticut, Minnesota does not have a point system for their traffic offenses. However, this state will take note of your driving history. If you have multiple serious traffic offenses, the state can suspend your license.

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