Getting a Speeding Ticket in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a small state with similar speeding laws to the states around it. The basic speeding laws of the state declare that all people should obey the speed limits unless conditions have interfered with driving abilities. If you got a speeding ticket while driving in Rhode Island, it is important to understand what happens next. On this page, you can learn more about speeding laws and consequences in Rhode Island.

Speed Limits in Rhode Island

This state includes presumed speed limits such as:

  • 50 mph during daytime outside business or residential districts
  • 45 mph during nighttime outside business or residential districts
  • 25 mph in a business area
  • 20 mph in a school zone

These are to be followed by everyone in the state and assumed when there might not be signs posted around the previously listed areas. If you see a sign posed showing a different speeding limit, be sure to follow that limit.

The Rhode Island speeding laws include prime facie which means that going over the limit is legal as long as you are driving safely. You could be going 15 mph over the limit but if it was 5 in the morning with no other cars and safe driving conditions, you could argue this to a judge. You can fight your ticket in court one of two ways. You can claim that you weren’t going over the limit or if you were, it was in a safe manner that didn’t put anyone else in harm’s way.

Also keep in mind that sometimes it is appropriate to drive slower than the speed limit. In Rhode Island, you can be pulled over for going an inappropriate limit for the road conditions. For example, if you are driving at the maximum speed limit in slower moving traffic, you could be considered violating the speed limit and charged with a fine or other punishment.

Consequences for Speeding in Rhode Island

Speeding in Rhode Island can result in fines. If you are speeding up to 10 miles per hour over the speed limit, you will receive a $95 fine. Speeding 11 or more mph over the speed limit results in a fine of $10 for each mile over the initial 10 mph that you are over the limit. So, if you are driving 15 miles per hour over the speed limit, you face the initial 95$ fine for the first 10 mph you drove over the speed limit. You also face an additional $50 for the 5 miles over 10 miles per hour that you were speeding. These are the penalties for a first offense speeding ticket. For a second, third, or fourth offense, the fine increases.

How to Get Help

We know many Rhode Island attorneys who can assist you with a speeding ticket or another motor vehicle violation. Contact our office and we can find the right lawyer to help you. An attorney can help you determine if you should pay the ticket or fight it.

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