Getting a Speeding Ticket in Ohio

Driving in Ohio could result in a motor vehicle violation such as speeding. In Ohio, there are actually three different types of speeding laws. These laws are the basic speeding law, prima facie speed laws, and absolute speed laws. The consequences of all of these violations result in fines or points being distributed on your license. If you have gotten a speeding ticket in Ohio, learn more here.

Types of Speeding In Ohio

The basic speeding law in Ohio establishes speed limits for different places. Keep in mind that the posted safe speed might be subject to question on various days, given elements of the road. For example, weather, traffic, and other factors could dictate a safe speed that is different than the posted limit. For example, if there is a speed limit of 70 mph on the highway, but it is hailing and storming, it’s safer for you to reduce your speed to a safer and more appropriate one.

Absolute speed limits in Ohio are straightforward. If a speed limit is posted and you are driving above the limit, that’s a violation of the law. For example, if the speed limit is 35 mph and you are driving 36 mph, you are subject to a speeding ticket. Yes, it is only one mile per hour over the limit. But, the absolute speed law means that you can still get a ticket.

The absolute speed limits in Ohio are 75 mph on rural freeways, 65 mph on rural expressways, and 55 mph on other roads. These are guidelines to any road in Ohio that might not have a speed limit posted.

Ohio uses prima facie speed limits as well as the other two types of speeding laws. Prima facie means that you broke a presumptive speed limit. Going over the prima facie doesn’t automatically make you guilty. For example, you can try to prove to the judge that you were going at a safe speed. If you win the judge over with evidence, you will be found innocent.

Ohio’s prima facie speed limits are

  • 15 mph in alleys by municipal corporation
  • 20 mph in school zones
  • 25 mph in business districts
  • 35 mph on highways near businesses
  • 50 mph on state routes

Speeding Penalties in Ohio

The penalties for the speeding violations listed above include:

  • A $150 fine for first or second offenses
  • Up to 30 days in jail and a maximum fine of $250 for third offenses
  • Up to 60 days in jail and a maximum $500 in fines for fourth offenses

The fines vary amount depending on the speeding ticket, but these are the general penalties that most people face in Ohio.

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