Getting a Speeding Ticket in New Mexico

If you happen to receive a ticket while driving in New Mexico there are certain consequences that will follow. This state has basic laws that make sure drivers use due care while on the road and secure control of their driving abilities. Of course there are fines and suspensions that can be a result of speeding, but it all depends on how much over the speed limit you were driving. You can learn more about speeding in New Mexico here.

Penalties for Speeding in New Mexico

There are two basic speeding tickets that are given out in New Mexico. One of these is considered an absolute speed limit ticket. You can get an absolute speed limit ticket for driving any speed above the posted limit. Some examples of the maximum speed limit in New Mexico are:

  • 15 mph in a school zone
  • 35 mph in business or residential areas
  • 75 mph on highways

The other ticket is just a basic speeding ticket which you can get if you are not using due care on the roads.

There are many fines when dealing with speeding in this state. Here are some of the fines listed out from the state:

  • $25 fine for 10 mph over the limit.
  • $30 fine for 11-15 mph over the limit.
  • $65 fine for 16-20 mph over the limit.
  • $100 fine for 21-25 mph over the limit.
  • $125 fine for 26-30 mph over the limit.
  • $150 fine for 31-35 mph over the limit.
  • $200 fine for anything over 35 mph over the limit.

Construction Zone Penalties

If you have been pulled over for speeding in a construction zone, be prepared for increased fines. There are also points that can be added to your license which is something to hire a lawyer for and avoid. The number of points you receive will depend on how fast you were going. Points range from around three to eight points after analyzing the severity of the ticket.

If you receive a large amount of points on your license or have passed six points, you will first receive a warning letter. After obtaining 7-10 points on your license within a year, you will have a license suspension for three months. After 12 or more points, you become eligible for a year-long suspension.

Getting Help

If you want to fight a New Mexico speeding ticket, it is a good idea to enlist the help of a New Mexico lawyer. Of course, you do not have to fight the ticket, but a lawyer can help you determine if this is the best course of action for your situation. Contact our office and we can put you in touch with a motor vehicle violation attorney that practices in New Mexico.

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