Wrong Direction at Rotary or One Way Street Motor Vehicle Violation

Going in the wrong direction at a rotary or going down the wrong side of a one way street sometimes happens by accident, especially when you are driving in an unfamiliar area. But, it is important to keep in mind that this is a motor vehicle violation in the state of Connecticut. Here, you can learn more about this driving offense and what could happen if you get a ticket for it.

What is Wrong Direction at Rotary or One Way Street?

At a rotary or a one-way street, drivers must abide by all signs that are erected by state highway and local traffic authorities. These signs could include traffic signs, devices, or markings that give notice of stopping, yielding, etc.

Furthermore, a vehicle approaching a rotary or a roundabout has the right of way to other entering vehicles. In the case of two cars approaching at the same time, the vehicle on the left has the right of way. All vehicles in a rotary or roundabout must drive only to the right, unless signs direct otherwise.

Consequences of Wrong Direction at Rotary or One Way Street

Not abiding by the laws when driving in a rotary or a one-way street may result in an infraction. This driving infraction is pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes, sec. 14-239. A traffic ticket for driving in the wrong direction at a rotary or on a one-way street may result in a fine, a violation on one’s driving history, as well as one DMV point on one’s license. You could have one point assessed against your driver’s license for a wrong direction at rotary or one way street infraction. While one point is not a lot (your license is suspended after getting 10 points assessed against your driver’s license) it is better not to have any points against your license.

Getting Help

The penalties for this motor vehicle violation can be harsh. For this reason, you may decide to fight the infraction. If you have received a motor vehicle ticket, call Mr. Speeding Ticket today. You can speak with someone who can explain what your options are and give you the pros and cons of fighting your traffic ticket in court. Depending on your situation, there are defenses that we can use to the infraction and help you with your situation. We are happy to help – just call our office at 203-567-6474.

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