Improper Backing or Starting Connecticut Motor Vehicle Violation

Improper backing or starting while operating a motor vehicle is considered a motor vehicle violation in Connecticut. Receiving a traffic ticket for this violation may result in one DMV point on a person’s driver’s license. If you are facing a ticket for improper backing or starting, you probably want to learn more about the infraction. In addition, you probably want to know the options that you have. I will provide this information on this page.

What is Improper Backing or Starting?

As mentioned, improper backing or starting is a motor vehicle violation in Connecticut. This is not as common of an infraction as something like speeding, so you might not even know that you were doing something that you shouldn’t have. An improper backing or starting ticket might surprise you, and you might not understand what you were doing wrong.

In Connecticut, a driver may not move a vehicle that is stopped or parked unless movement is reasonable in the circumstances as to the safety of others, not interfering with traffic, and properly signaling. If a driver fails to follow these rules, it is considered improper backing or starting. Drivers may not back a vehicle up unless the movement can be done with reasonable safety and without interfering with oncoming traffic. This violation may happen more frequently in more crowded towns and cities, and where street parking is common. Being extremely careful and aware of surrounding vehicles and pedestrians is important when pulling out or backing out of a parking spot. Otherwise, you could face the infraction of improper starting or backing.

Consequences of Improper Backing or Starting

Violating these backing and starting laws may result in a motor vehicle ticket, fines, a violation on one’s driving history, as well as one DMV point assessed against the person’s driver’s license. You could avoid these penalties if you decide to fight the ticket and take the case to court. A lawyer can advise you if this option is a good one for your particular situation. If you have received a violation for improper backing or starting or another motor vehicle ticket, call Mr. Speeding Ticket. You can speak with someone who can advise you or your options and give you the pros and cons of fighting your traffic ticket in court. We handle tickets in every courthouse in the state, so we can help with your improper backing or starting ticket no matter what courthouse you are supposed to appear in.

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