Apps and Devices to Avoid Texting While Driving

In Connecticut, cell phones and handheld devices cannot be used at any time while operating a motor vehicle. This includes when you are stopped at a stop light or in traffic. 16 and 17 year old drivers may not use mounted or hands-free devices. However, drivers who are 18 years or older may use mounted, hands-free devices. Here are some ways to keep yourself from using your devices while driving and strategies for keeping your kids away from using their phones while driving as well.

Restrictive Phone Apps

There are several apps that have been created to prevent drivers from even receiving phone calls while driving. On an iPhone, you can enable this function by going to settings. First, an app called Cellcontrol allows parents to block their teenagers’ texts and calls while they are driving. When this app is in use, parents will receive a notification when the app is turned off or when their teen uses his or her phone.

Second, the app SafeDrive can be opened before getting behind the wheel, and rewards you with points for as long as you drive without touching your phone. These points can then be redeemed for discounts. This app can be a fun way to encourage teenagers to stay off their phones while driving as well.

Waze is another app that can be downloaded for hands-free navigation while driving. This app takes navigation a step further than the apple maps app, which many people use. The Waze app gives users more route details while driving such as traffic, road blocks, construction, accidents, police, and more. Once a destination is set up on the app, your entire drive can be hands-free, while the app notifies and warns you of upcoming issues.

Hands-Free Driving

One of the best gadgets to get for avoiding using your phone while driving is the Vanmass wireless car charger, which can mount a phone onto the air vents. This mount not only holds your phone, but will charge it simultaneously. This is a good gadget to use for long road trips, and when it is necessary to have your phone mounted to use the GPS. Especially on long car rides, you may be tempted to use your phone to watch the GPS, or have to plug it in to a charger. These are unnecessary distractions and can be avoided with this multi-functional gadget.

Getting Help

If you are looking for ways to avoid using your phone while driving, these devices and apps may help you out. Again, remember that only drivers who are at least 18 years old may use a hands-free device. If you have received a cell phone ticket or a motor vehicle ticket, call our office to speak with someone about your ticket.

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